Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce a special fundraising campaign that brings together all of the Lifeworks friends and families in securing the future of Lifeworks. The road to the Lifeworks we know today has been nearly 50 years long and filled with innovation and progress – I’m asking that today you help make it 50 more years.

Judy Lysne

President and CEO


In 1965, a group of families joined together to create a safe, fun and educational place for their children with disabilities. Together, they founded Dakota County Day Activity Center.

In 1985, Lifeworks was one of the first organizations in Minnesota to emphasize community employment for adults with disabilities. Today, over 300 businesses employ Lifeworks associates!

Always innovating and planning for the future, Lifeworks began providing fiscal support entity services in 2000. With Lifeworks, children with disabilities can live at home, and families have the freedom to live a normal life. 

In 2003, Lifeworks began an exchange with service providers to adults with disabilities in Denmark. After several visits, Lifeworks became one of the first organizations in the U.S. to introduce Multi-Sensory Environments – unique places designed to help people focus, learn, and interact with those around them. 

Since our beginnings, Lifeworks has always focused on building our future together as a community. Our goal is to provide innovative services for people with disabilities that help them live full and meaningful lives. 


This year marks another important milestone in Lifeworks’ history. We are building and owning a new Lifeworks location in Apple Valley.

Owning a building is important to securing the future of Lifeworks and the services we provide at ALL of our locations.

A permanent home for Lifeworks ensures that we can continue to innovate, progress, and advance to best serve our community and people with disabilities for 50 more years!


But we need your help! We are asking all of our closest friends – the people who recognize the importance of the future of Lifeworks – to help achieve our goal of owning a new building.

We’ve grown from just a few families to a community of over 2,000 families! If each family contributes just a small amount, the impact will be tremendous.

So, join in and celebrate Lifeworks, and “give me five!

Specifically, we are asking all our friends and families to give us five dollars a month for five years.

Think about it – just $5 a month for 5 years is $300! That’s just two cups of coffee, one magazine, or one impulse buy at the grocery store.

And if only 350 people decided to “give us five,” Lifeworks could raise over $100,000!


Government funding alone is never enough; and Lifeworks fundraises every year – but this time is special. This time we aren’t asking for today – we are asking for tomorrow.

The tomorrow for your loved one or the family who doesn’t yet know they will need Lifeworks someday.

Today, we are asking you to help secure our future and the future of all children and adults with disabilities alike, so they are heard, their interests respected, and their contributions valued.

Joining the campaign is easy – click the sign up today link above or the donate link below and follow the easy instructions to make a recurring gift.

Our future depends on all of you – the families and friends who know how important Lifeworks really is.